diaspora/situations (2017)Documentary, 46', English, French

> Prix Spécial du Jury Catégorie Documentaire Festival Transposition (2017)
> Fonds de l’Université Johns Hopkins (Baltimore, Etats-Unis) / Johns Hopkins University Collection (Baltimore, US)
> Collection départementale d'art contemporain de la Seine-Saint-Denis (France)

Shot between Montreal, Paris, Brussels, Nantes and London, diaspora/situations is a documentary on queer diasporic life, based on interviews with queer and trans artists and activists of color as they reflect on their relationships to their affects and bodies.

The complexities of the body – of skin colour, gender, size, disability, nourishment – are vocalized and enacted by a number of artists, activists, and performers whose existence is that of someone living in one world and coming from another. The documentary, which never lets the viewer forget its constructed nature, the camera’s impact on the body, chronicles the transformative ways its subjects have found to express their unique position, whether it be through voguing, poetry, cooking, or paths still being explored. (...).Michael Belcher, Director of photography (Image+Nation Festival)

Durée/Length / 46 min
Année/Year / 2017
Langue/Language / FR, ENG
Subtitles / FR, ENG
Pays/Country / France, Canada, Belgique, Royaume-Uni
Image / format HD 
Support/Version / Apple Pro Res, Digital
Son/Sound / Stéréo


TV5 (maghreb orient express)
itw by Posture Magazine (eng)
Friction Magazine
Revue Ataye