Mes pensées exactement / My thoughts exactly (2019), with Eden Tinto-Collins, performance, 1h, INHA, Paris (France)

At la Galerie Colbert of the INHA, I give a short conference about pop culture figures, such as Valentina (RuPaul’s Drag Race) or Afida Tuner (Loft Story), so as to show how these women desidentify themselves from the hegemonic and majoritarian spheres through fantasy in TV shows. Then, I take flowers from my desk and ask the audience to follow me for the rest of the performance. Everybody has to stay silent during the walk as we are going to pay tribute to the spirits. I then meet Eden, wearing a football outfit, in the Salle Labrouste. With the flowers, I create a magical circle around us. I enumerate, whispering, a list of different names, such as Assata Shakur, Vincent McDoom or Assia Djebar, the names of people who have been erased by the dominant system of representation while she sings. We then leave the library. Image : Susanna Pozzoli