Different Alibis (Part II)*, 2019, 1h. Performance, sound and video. Tarek Lakhrissi featuring Harilay Rabenjamina, Christelle Oyiri and Ndayé Kouagou, Auto Italia South Easth (London), UK. Photo credits : Katarzyna Perlak 

Different Alibis are a means of claiming a place in the world. But which world? A world composed of magnetisms; of redefinitions of spaces and words through speech, movement or music. A new way for a generation born in the 1990s to attain a certain vulnerability. And a political means of opening up a toolbox to then develop critical perspectives. To have an alibi is a means of defence. To have an alibi is to be elsewhere. To have an alibi is to circumvent the rules. To sense a way out, mysteries to solve, newspeaks, queer, femme and people of color bodies that urge us to “feel” identities like magnetic fields. Not unlike dinner with a chosen family, this evening’s meal will (maybe) include a performance by Ndayé Kouagou entitled One side is rarely similar to the other, a screening of the short scifi movie Out of the Blue directed by Tarek Lakhrissi, a performance called TGK by Harilay Rabenjamina about an R&B group on the brink of implosion, and Christelle Oyiri will end the meal with her Collective Amnesia piece.

* This performance night has been initially presented at Lafayette Anticipations in 2018.